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The Annasaheb Dange College of D-Pharmacy, Ashta is one of the foremost technical Institute in Western Maharashtra, Ashta, Sangli . disting uished by its commitment to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology.



Pragati & Saksham Scholarship


Diploma in Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy or D.Pharm. is an 2 year diploma course in Pharmacy. The students who are interested to develop a carrier in pharmaceutical field can choose this course after the completion of class 12th (PCM/B). After the completion of this course, the students have the lot of opportunities in private and Gov. sector, pharmacuetical industry,higher studies etc... Pharmacy as a career option has always been in demand. Pharmacy offers reasonably good career opportunities both by way of jobs as well in terms of starting your own business. Increasing number of pharmaceuticals companies and business, hospitals, all over the world is a clear indication of the growing scope in this area. In this course the students study about the Drug synthesis,Drug formulation,Drug action,Drug dispensing,Quality control,Good manufacturing practises & Herbal drugs etc...Within the pharmaceutical industry opportunities are in formulation development, production, Quality assurance and regulatory affairs, marketing of drugs. Drug control administration also offers a wide range of opportunities to pharmacists.